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What I have been told in conversations on the topic is that it’s significantly less fucked up.That said, there are issues across the board: most online dating platforms aren’t inclusive of variant or otherwise complex gender identities, and they tend to assist prejudice, objectification, and irresponsible sexual health practices.With online dating, the ambiguity (and risk) of cruising was minimized.If you lived somewhere cruising wasn’t even an option, the Internet provided a way to connect with other queer people near and far.Don’t pretend to be someone or something you aren’t.The number one thing you can do to guarantee you won’t find romance is to lie about yourself.Still, words like “desperate” and “slutty” come out in conversations about online daters, as if meeting online is a last resort, only for those who are unable to attract someone in person.Not only is this just plain wrong, it’s also a heterocentric attitude.

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Many online dating platforms have become impersonal, dehumanizing, and largely anonymous, especially on gay cis-men-focused platforms.

I befriended a good number people, a few of whom I met in person, most of whom I only interacted with on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger, which is what everyone used before texting and Facebook chats).

At the time, about a year before I came out, it was thrilling to connect with people who were gay and bi (queer identity hadn’t become a big thing yet), around my age, and having similar experiences.

It’s aimed at young people, but it’s appropriate for any age.

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It’s my hope that, be it on OKCupid, Grindr or any of the other platforms out there, at least a few people will be able to use this knowledge to help them have an easier time as they look for queer love online: Be Yourself: When it comes down to it, yourself is the only thing you can be.Be Honest: Have a clear, recent picture of yourself, and provide your real age, etc.